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O​ur home office laptop computer desk accessories offer a comfortably improved view for you with superb cooling comfort for your systems, versatile, practical and custom designed with your comfort in mind with no worries ever about hot bottoms and less finger strain in the long run. For the simple pleasures in life (even used for your reading pleasure and under your desktop keyboard).

                  Mini LaptopLift            Universal LaptopLift        Notebook LaptopLift
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This handsome little piece of simplicity is crafted from solid oak, we offer three home office laptop computer desk accesory style designs with two color choices ... a "natural" and "black satin" finish. Each "natural oak" finish "having its very own grain appeal will always be one of a kind". Just slip it under your laptop (to use feet up or feet down) to convey balance. Allowing your systems to breathe easier and offer a more comfortable ergonomically improved view without taking up any more space.

We understand that the essence of profound insight is simplicity. Our patented "rocker" design allows you to position our Lift under your systems as you wish. Each Lift's rise is 1.5 inches, allowing you to position further back, toward the middle, to use feet up or feet down, offering a more enjoyable alignment. Your convenience your comfort ... with a little TLC for your systems.

Design philosophy that places simplicity at your fingertips. Design concept to convey balance ... a simple home office idea ... a concept we believe has a place in your home or office.  Just like the paper weight, memo/post-it note pad, pen cup/paper clip holder, paper tray w/topper, letter rack, letter opener, picture frame, desk pad and mouse pad., we look forward to becoming one of your newest additions to your distinguished computer desk set accessories. 

Our versatile solid oak LaptopLift can be used for a lifetime of pleasure ... reading your favorite book, under your desktop keyboard, in the kitchen for cooking recipes, your convenience your comfort ... "proving Leonardo Da Vinci's insistence that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".

Granted, there are fine selections of premium Lift products available, all with their strong points, and everyone will have their favorites. We are confident, that once you try anyone of our solid oak computer accessory products, it will become an integral part of your distinguished computer desk set accessories. 

Thank you.,

This is our 15th Anniversay offering our home office laptop computer desk accessories across America. We are pleased, that so many are enjoying our handsome little piece of simplicity. We are happy and thankful to the many that have made this venture a pleasure and look forward to the years to come. It does give us that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Thank you!

"I just love my LaptopLift"